Ref Id :SM65213
Sold Out
usb  Capacity       1000 Litres
  Description   - Used Jacketed Ribbon Blender
  • Volume 1000 Litres
  • Blending Capacity 500 - 750kg
  • Material of Construction Shell SS/316 & Jacket MS (heating/cooling)
  • Shell Size...

  Ref Id :SM65212
schedule  Year       2008
local_offer  Make/Brand  Platinum Pharmatech, Hyderabad
usb  Capacity       5Kg
  Description   - Lab Model Used Fluid Bed Coater
  • Make Platinum Pharmatech, Hyderabad
  • Year 2008
  • Model No PPT R&D FBC1-5KG
  • R&D FBC 1-5 Kg Model with Auto Manual without Peristaltic...

  Ref Id :SM65211
Sold Out
schedule  Year       2014
local_offer  Make/Brand  Ultra Drytech Engineering Ltd. Mumbai
usb  Capacity       1KL
  Description   - Used Agitated Nutsche Filter cum Dryer For Sale
  • Year 2014
  • Make Ultra Drytech Engineering Ltd, Mumbai
  • GMP Model
  • Capacity 1 KL
  • Contact Parts SS...

  Ref Id :SM65210
schedule  Year       2014
local_offer  Make/Brand  Triveni Engineering, Ahmedabad
usb  Capacity       Water Evaporation Upto 250 Kg/Hr
  Description   - Used Spray Dryer For Sale
  • Year of Manufactured 2014
  • Name of Manufacturer Triveni Engineering, Ahmedabad
  • Material of Construction - Contact Parts SS316
  • Spray Type...

  Ref Id :SM65206
schedule  Year       2016
local_offer  Make/Brand  Joflo Industries Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
usb  Capacity       Basket 60 Inch Diameter
  Description   - Used Bottom Discharge Centrifuge
  • Make Joflo Industries Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
  • Year of Manufactured November 2015
  • GMP Model
  • SS316L Contact Parts & SS304 Non Contact...

  Ref Id :SM65207
schedule  Year       2002
local_offer  Make/Brand  Swiss Glascoat Equipments Ltd, Anand
usb  Capacity       630 Litres
  Description   - Used Glass Lined Reactor For Sale
  • Make Swiss Glascoat Equipments Ltd, Anand
  • Year of Manufactured 2002
  • Capacity 630 Litres
  • Outside MS Jacketed
  • Stirrer...

  Ref Id :SM65203
schedule  Year       2003-04
local_offer  Make/Brand  Petals Engineers Pvt Ltd, Goa
usb  Capacity       120 per Minute
  Description   - Used Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine For Sale
  • Make Petals Engineers Pvt Ltd, Goa
  • Year of Manufactured 2003-04
  • Model No PEPL 05
  • 4 Head
  • Capacity 120/Min...

  Ref Id :SM65202
schedule  Year       Unknown
local_offer  Make/Brand  Unknown
usb  Capacity       160 Litres
  Description   - Used Glasslined Reactor
  • Make and Year Unknown
  • Capacity 160 Litres
  • Plug Free
  • Stirrer Anchor Type
  • MS Jacketed
  • Along with Gear Box and Electric...

  Ref Id :SM65200

business  Land       7142 Sq Yard
  Description   - Zinc Sulphate Manufacturing Plant For Sale with Land, Legal approvals and Pollution Consent.
  • Total Land Area 7142 Sq. Yards
  • Total Power 250 HP
  • Fully RCC Flooring, Office...

  Ref Id :SM65196
Sold Out
schedule  Year       2014
local_offer  Make/Brand  Saka Engineer Systems Pvt Ltd. Pune
usb  Capacity       200 Kg/Hr Evaporation Rate
  Description   - GMP Model Spray Dryer used in food supplements in excellent working condition having followings specifications
  • Feed Rate 500 Kg/Hr
  • Evaporation Rate 200 Kg/Hr
  • Product Rate...

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