Ref Id :SM4330
schedule  Year       2002 Refurbished 2017
local_offer  Make/Brand  Lohia Starlinger Packaging Pvt Ltd
usb  Capacity       350 M/Minute
  Description   -
Used Lohia Tape Line For Sale in Running Condition
Make Lohia Starlinger Packaging Pvt Ltd
Year of Make 2002
Refurbished in 2017
Extrusion Line for...

  Ref Id :SM4329
schedule  Year       2016
local_offer  Make/Brand  Shreeji Tech Engineering, Ahmedabad
usb  Capacity       1350mm
  Description   -
Rarely Used BoPP Tapes Slitting Machinery For Sale
Year 2016 (Only 9 Months Used)
Name of Manufacturing Shreeji Tech Engineering, Ahmedabad
  • Jumbo...

  Ref Id :SM3953
schedule  Year       2005
local_offer  Make/Brand  Various Manufacturers
usb  Capacity       2160 TPA
  Description   -
Used Rubber Reclaim Plant Machinery
Commissioned in 2005
Production Capacity 2160 TPA
Consisting Following Major Machinery
Rubber Mixing Mill Year 2006,...

  Ref Id :SM7155
schedule  Year       2017
local_offer  Make/Brand  Amar Industries, Faridabad - Haryana
usb  Capacity       3 to 4 tons (8 hours shift)
  Description   -
Rarely Used Paper Tube, Core and Composite Can Making Plant For Sale
Year 2017
Make Amar Industries, Faridabad Haryana
Production Capacity - 3 to 4 tons (8 hours...

  Ref Id :SM7153
schedule  Year       2004
local_offer  Make/Brand  Nichrome India Ltd, Pune
usb  Capacity       Upto 100 Grams Pouch 150 KG/Hr
  Description   -
Used FFS Machine with Auger Filler
Make Nichrome India Ltd, Pune
Model Wing with Auger
Year 2004
Fully Automatic, Pneumatic, PLC Operate

  Ref Id :SM7154
schedule  Year       2008
local_offer  Make/Brand  Interpack Machines Pvt Ltd. Pune
usb  Capacity       Upto 100 Grams Pouch 300 Kg/Hr
  Description   -
Used FFS Pouch Packing Machine with Auger Filler
Make Interpack Machines Pvt Ltd. Pune
Model BD 140FFS Wing with Auger
Year 2008
Fully Automatic,...

  Ref Id :SM3952
schedule  Year       2013
usb  Capacity       5 Ton in 8 Hour Shift
  Description   -
Used Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant
Year 2013
Consisting following machinery
Screw Conveyor
5 Ton Autoclave
Gas Separator
Primary and...

  Ref Id :SM7152
schedule  Year       2016
local_offer  Make/Brand  Balaji Plast Pack, Rajkot Gujarat
usb  Capacity       Upto 10 Grams
  Description   -
Automatic Form Fill Seal FFS Pouch Packing Machine For Sale
Year 2016
Make Balaji Plast Pack, Rajkot Gujarat
Packing Range upto 10 Grams
Filling Type -...

  Ref Id :SM65227
schedule  Year       Unknown
local_offer  Make/Brand  Unknown
usb  Capacity       Basket Size 24 Inch
  Description   -
Used Centrifuge
Basket Size 24 Inch
Basket MoC SS304
Outer Body MoC MS
Heavy Body Fabricated
Along with 5 HP Electric Motor
Year and...

  Ref Id :SM0656
schedule  Year       2017 December
local_offer  Make/Brand  Kantechi Machinery, China
usb  Capacity       5 Ton per 8 Hour Shift
  Description   -
Rarely Used Wire Drawing Machine
Year 2017 December
Make Kantechi Machinery, China
Capacity 5 Tonnes in 8 Hour Shift
Drawing from 7.5mm or 8.0mm to...

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