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Thermax Solid Fuel Thermic Fluid Heater
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Ref Id : SM57100
schedule  Year  2011

usb  Capacity  10 Lakh Kcal
local_offer  Make/Brand  Thermax Limited


Thermax make solid fuel thermic fluid heater with Bag filter, Self-supported Chimney, thermic fluid pumps & Fuel feeding system,
  • Year of manufacture: 2011
  • Model: VTA1F10
  • Capacity: 1.00 MKcal/hr (Ten Lakh Kcal)
  • Thermic Fluid outlet temperature: 335-degree C
  • Fuel: Paddy Husk / Coal
  • Thermic Fluid Flow: 80 m3/hr
  • Working pressure: 80 mlc
  • Combustion: Fluidised bed combustion with in bed heating coil with fire doors & ash removal ports etc.
  • Therminol Oil: Therminol 66/ santotherm 66
  • Therminol Oil pump capacity: 80 m3/hr
  • Diff. pressure: 80 mlc
  • Pump Drive: 37.5 KW
Fuel handling system:
  • Consists of 500 mm width x 45 mtrs long troughing angle belt conveyor with 16 degrees inclined structural support., with Bunker, vibrating screen and coal impactor.
Bag filter
  • Suitable for handling exhaust flue gas of solid fuel TFH
  • Dust to be handled: fly ash
  • Gas flow rate: 4500 Am3/hr, Gas temperature: 240 degree C( max.), Type : pulse jet, Filtration area: 69.00 m2, Filter mounting : Structure, design pressure : 500 mm WC.
  • No. of bags: 40
Heater accessories:
  • Forced draft fan: 15 KW, air flow: 60 m3/min with 668 mm WC
  • Induced draft fan: 18.5 KW, air flow:110 m3/min with 668 mm WC.
  • Screw feeder for fuel: 1.1KW
  • Rotary air locks: 0.37 KW x 3 Nos
  • Air pre-heater for combustion air :1 no. heated by flue gas
  • Water pre-heater: 1no., heated by flue gas
  • Multi Cyclone dust collector: 1 no.
  • Ash collection hoppers with RAV: 3 Nos.
  • Above heater is with Auto on/off, with combustion control system, and temperature control system & Fully automatic Auto fuel feeding.
Self-supported chimney
  • Height: 33 Mtrs, Diameter: bottom - 800 mm & top- 500 mm
  • Thickness of shell: 6 segments (12mm, 10mm, 8 mm & 6 mm (top)
  • Material of construction: Mild Steel
  Ref Id :SM57106


schedule  Year       2016, Installed in December 2017
local_offer  Make/Brand  Thermax Ltd
usb  Capacity       750 Kg/Hr
  Description   -
Rarely Used Thermax Steam Boiler For Sale
Year of Manufactured 2016, Installed in December 2017
Make Thermax Ltd.
Model Name Thermeon TEON 750/7

  Ref Id :SM57105

Membrane Steam Boiler-3.jpg

schedule  Year       2004
local_offer  Make/Brand  Zenith
usb  Capacity       7.5 TPH
  Description   - Used Membrane Type Steam Boiler For Sale
  • Make Zenith
  • Year 2004
  • Boiler Capacity 5 TPH + Membrane 2.5 TPH Total 7.5 TPH
  • Ratings 274 M2
  • Working Pressure...

  Ref Id :SM57104


schedule  Year       2013
local_offer  Make/Brand  Thermtech, Ahmedabad
usb  Capacity       1500 U
  Description   - Used Thermic Fluid Heater Solid Fuel Fired For Sale
  • Make Thermtech, Ahmedabad
  • Year 2013
  • Model No TFCV-1500U
  • Capacity 15 Lac Kcal
  • Fuel Coal...

  Ref Id :SM57102


schedule  Year       2014
local_offer  Make/Brand  Mars Energy System, (Patel Boilers), Ankleshwar, Gujarat
usb  Capacity       2 Lakhs Kilo Calories
  Description   - Used Thermic Fluid Heater For Sale
  • Year of Manufactured 2014
  • Name of Manufacture Mars Energy System, (Patel Boilers), Ankleshwar, Gujarat
  • Capacity 2 Lakhs...

  Ref Id :SM57103


schedule  Year       2003
local_offer  Make/Brand  Thermax Ltd
usb  Capacity       4 Lakh Kilo Calories
  Description   - Used Thermic Fluid Heater For Sale
  • Year 2003
  • Make Thermax Ltd
  • Model Thermopack TPO4/ONF/933
  • Fuel HSD/LDO
Along with followings
  • Fluid Pump with...

  Ref Id :SM57101


schedule  Year       2011
local_offer  Make/Brand  Industrial Boilers Ltd. Vapi
usb  Capacity       7TPH
  Description   - Used Steam Boiler For Sale
  • Year of Manufactured 2011
  • Make Industrial Boilers Ltd. (IBL) Vapi
  • Capacity 7 TPH
  • Type Horizontal Smoke Tube with Water...

  Ref Id :SM57100


schedule  Year       2011
local_offer  Make/Brand  Thermax Limited
usb  Capacity       10 Lakh Kcal
  Description   - Thermax make solid fuel thermic fluid heater with Bag filter, Self-supported Chimney, thermic fluid pumps & Fuel feeding system,
  • Year of manufacture: 2011
  • Model:...

  Ref Id :SM5798


schedule  Year       1995
local_offer  Make/Brand  Nestler Boilers, Palej, Gujarat
usb  Capacity       5TPH
  Description   - Used Steam Boiler
  • Make Nestler Boilers, Palej Gujarat
  • Year 1995
  • Model : WBN/5
  • Type Horizontal Package Smoke Tube 3 Pass Wet Back
  • Evaporation Capacity 5000...

  Ref Id :SM5799


schedule  Year       1994
local_offer  Make/Brand  Industrial Boilers, Vapi, Gujarat
usb  Capacity       4TPH
  Description   - Used Steam Boiler
  • Make Industrial Boiler, Vapi Gujarat
  • Year 1994
  • Model : WB40
  • Type Horizontal Package Smoke Tube 3 Pass Wet Back
  • Evaporation Capacity 4000...

  Ref Id :SM5797


schedule  Year       2016
local_offer  Make/Brand  P M Engineering, Bhavnagar
usb  Capacity       12 Lakh Kcal
  Description   - Wood Fired Hot Air Generator For Sale
  • Year of Manufactured August 2016
  • Name of Manufacturer P M Engineering, Bhavnagar
  • Capacity 12 Lakh Kcal
  • Type...

  Ref Id :SM5796


schedule  Year       2010
local_offer  Make/Brand  Heatex Industries Ltd. Surat
usb  Capacity       10 TPH
  Description   - Waterwall Membrane Type Steam Boiler For Sale
  • Manufacturing Year - 2010
  • Name of Manufactured Heatex Industries Ltd. Surat
  • Type Water Wall Membrane Smoke Cum Water Tube...

  Ref Id :SM5791


schedule  Year       2015
local_offer  Make/Brand  Thermtech Industries, Ahmedabad
usb  Capacity       500 Kg/Hr
  Description   - Small Industrial Boiler SIB, IBR approved boiler in un-used brand new condition for sale
  • Year 2015
  • Make Thermtech Industries, Ahmedabad
  • Capacity 500 kg/hr
  • Type...

  Ref Id :SM5786


schedule  Year       August, 2011
local_offer  Make/Brand  Energy Machine, Anand, Gujarat
usb  Capacity       4 Lakh Kcal
  Description   - 4 Lakh Kcal capacity thermic fluid heater for sale of Energy Machine, Anand make, Year August 2011, wood fired, vertical type 3 pass type along with its accessories...

  Ref Id :SM5782
Sold Out


  Description   - Coal - Wood, Agrowaste fired thermic fluid heater, make Firetech Bangalore, year of manufactured 2010, along with ID fan 5 HP electric motor, Thermic fluid pump of KSB make with 12.5 HP electric...

  Ref Id :SM5754
Sold Out

  Description   - We offer year 2003 Thermax make used steam boiler, model CPF 80D/17.5, ratings 217 m2, working pressure 17,5 kg/cm2 - 250 psi, fuel coal/baggase/husk fired, on fondation in excellent condition with...