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12-15 ton Steam Boiler
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Ref Id : BM5706


preferably smoke tube 3 pass, package type boiler, or FBC or water wall type, working pressure mininum 250 psi or 17.54 kg/cm2, husk-coal-wood- baggase fired, should be on foundation, in good working condition.
  Ref Id :BM5720

usb  Capacity       4 TPH
  Description   - Need 4tph steam boiler with 10.54 to 17.5kg working pressure....

  Ref Id :BM5719

  Description   - Looking for 2 to 3 ton capacity coal fired steam boiler, having pressure of 10.54 kg...

  Ref Id :BM5718

  Description   - Looking for 3 to 4 tph capacity steam boiler, coal, wood fired, preferably of Thermax make...

  Ref Id :BM5716

  Description   - Steam boiler of capacity 1 ton wood or coal fired horizontal package smoke tube 3 pass IBR boiler...

  Ref Id :BM5715

  Description   - 40 TPH capacity 42 kg working pressure, coal fired steam boiler require with or without cogen plant...

  Ref Id :BM5714

  Description   - Require coal or wood fired 1 ton Thermax, Forbes or equivalent make steam boiler...

  Ref Id :BM5713

  Description   -
    Technical Specification of Second hand AFBC boiler / Chain grate boiler firing bio mass/ coal
Net Generation capacity of 20-35 TPH,dry saturated steam with 97% dryness fraction...