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Looking For Used Chemical Processing Plant
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Ref Id : BM6534


We are interested to buy the following second hand chemical plant machineries

SS/316L 1600 liters capacity reaction vessel

SS 316 agitated crystallizing vessels of capacity 1,400 litres with limpet

On line pressure leaf filter (Sparkler filter) SS 316 L with filtration area of 1 sq.m.

SS 316 L centrifuge 24” size with 4 point suspension.

Baby steam boiler, capacity 100 kg/hr with steam pressure 3.0 kg/cm2 & all accessories.

Tray dryer with steam heating coils, capacity – 350 kgs potassium nitrate per lot.

Contact us with full technical details and price

  Ref Id :BM65111

usb  Capacity       5KL
  Description   -
Looking for Hastealloy Reactor C22 or C276
Capacity : 5 KL
Design Temp : 700 Deg C
Design Pressure : Full Vacuum to 6 Kg/Cm2

  Ref Id :BM65110

  Description   - Pvt Ltd Pharmaceutical manufacturing company looking for bulk drug pharma manufacturing unit in Maharashtra, most preferable nearby Mumbai....

  Ref Id :BM65109

usb  Capacity       300 to 500 Kg/Hr
  Description   - We manufacture dyes intermediate are looking for fluid bed dryer of capacity 300 kg min to 500 kg max with contact parts in SS 304 /316, having heating radiator suitable for thermic fluid....

  Ref Id :BM65107

usb  Capacity       5KL
  Description   - Looking for 5 KL capacity used working condition SS 316 agitated nutsche filter (ANF) or agitated nutsche filter cum dryer (ANFD)...

  Ref Id :BM65108

usb  Capacity       200 Kg/Hr
  Description   - Urgently looking for Spray Dryer of 200kg/hr water evoprater capacity. Contact with full technical data sheet specifications...

  Ref Id :BM65106

usb  Capacity       150 to 200 Litres/Hr Evaporation
  Description   - We require second hand spray dryer as per below details:
  • 150 - 250 litre water evaporation capacity, complete with all parts
  • Nozzle type
  • MoC SS

  Ref Id :BM65105

usb  Capacity       24 or 48 Size
  Description   - Need a filter press to filter carbon black from alkali solution. Minimum 24 plate maximum 48 plate. PP plates recommended. Hydraulic system is preferable....