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Ref Id : BM6301


please give us details if you are having running condition diesel generating set of capacity 380 kva, 500 kva and 2000 kva, 1500 rpm, preferable cummins, catterpiller, volvo penta or any other reputed brand
  Ref Id :BM6307

usb  Capacity       1000 to 1250 KVA
  Description   - Need used Silent DG Set 1000 or 1250 KVA in good condition...

  Ref Id :BM6306

  Description   - Looking for 1250 KVA 1500 RPM 50 HZ diesel generating set, should be in perfect running condition....

  Ref Id :BM6305

  Description   - Looking for good condition 125 KVA D G Set, preferably silent type...

  Ref Id :BM6304

  Description   - Require 2 nos. 1000 KVA or higher capacity diesel generators in working condition...