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  Ref Id :BM65111

usb  Capacity       5KL
  Description   -
Looking for Hastealloy Reactor C22 or C276
Capacity : 5 KL
Design Temp : 700 Deg C
Design Pressure : Full Vacuum to 6 Kg/Cm2

  Ref Id :BM7212

usb  Capacity       60 MT/Day & 18 MT/Day
  Description   -
Company from Gujarat looking for
Rotary Kiln of 60 MT/Day capacity
Block Furnace required capacity 18 MT/Day for Fused Alumina production

  Ref Id :BM3928

  Description   -
  • 1. Used Cold Feed Rubber Extruder With Feed Roller
    • Screw Dia – 03 to 4 inch
    • Screw Length – 1000 mm to 1200 mm
  • 2. Used Mixing...

  Ref Id :BM65110

  Description   - Pvt Ltd Pharmaceutical manufacturing company looking for bulk drug pharma manufacturing unit in Maharashtra, most preferable nearby Mumbai....

  Ref Id :BM0510

usb  Capacity       2000 to 5000 Litres
  Description   - We are looking for full set of dairy machinery. Required processing capacity between 2000 to 5000 liters per hour.
    We are looking for full set of machinery including separator, pasteurizer,...

  Ref Id :BM65109

usb  Capacity       300 to 500 Kg/Hr
  Description   - We manufacture dyes intermediate are looking for fluid bed dryer of capacity 300 kg min to 500 kg max with contact parts in SS 304 /316, having heating radiator suitable for thermic fluid....

  Ref Id :BM7211

usb  Capacity       Length 10- 15 mtr x Diameter 1.2 to 2.0 mtr
  Description   - Looking for used rotary kiln in working condition
  • Size 10- 15 mtr length , Dia 1.2 to 2.0 mtr with all accessories.

  Ref Id :BM6603

local_offer  Make/Brand  Alfa Laval
usb  Capacity       8200Ltr/Hr
  Description   - Require Ice Cream Mix Chiller
  • Capacity: 8200Ltr/Hr Qty:01 no
  • Model of PHE Plate: M-10, Alfa laval
  • MoC of Plates: SS 316
  • Supply Glycol /Chiller Water Temp:1.5 Deg...

  Ref Id :BM7210

local_offer  Make/Brand  Prefrable Ecoman
usb  Capacity       48x10
  Description   - Looking for Jaw Crusher of size 48x10 preferably make Ecoman,...

  Ref Id :BM7132

usb  Capacity       42 Inch Deckle
  Description   - Looking for good condition 42 Inch size E Flute corrugation machine with in line cutter...

  Ref Id :BM65107

usb  Capacity       5KL
  Description   - Looking for 5 KL capacity used working condition SS 316 agitated nutsche filter (ANF) or agitated nutsche filter cum dryer (ANFD)...

  Ref Id :BM0704

usb  Capacity       200 to 300 TPD
  Description   - We are looking for Seed cleaning machine to clean various seeds like soybean, sesame, groundnut etc. our require capacity is 200 -300 TPD. It should separate stones, sand & foreign admixture....

  Ref Id :BM65108

usb  Capacity       200 Kg/Hr
  Description   - Urgently looking for Spray Dryer of 200kg/hr water evoprater capacity. Contact with full technical data sheet specifications...

  Ref Id :BM65106

usb  Capacity       150 to 200 Litres/Hr Evaporation
  Description   - We require second hand spray dryer as per below details:
  • 150 - 250 litre water evaporation capacity, complete with all parts
  • Nozzle type
  • MoC SS

  Ref Id :BM6307

usb  Capacity       1000 to 1250 KVA
  Description   - Need used Silent DG Set 1000 or 1250 KVA in good condition...

  Ref Id :BM5306

usb  Capacity       80 to 120 MT
  Description   - Looking for silo of capacity 80 to 120 MT cement...

  Ref Id :BM5307

usb  Capacity       300 MT/Day
  Description   - Looking for Cement Ball Mill of
  • Capacity 300 MT/Day
  • Having size around,2.2 meters diameter × 11 meters length
  • Preferred make-Movers, Wallchandnagar,...

  Ref Id :BM65105

usb  Capacity       24 or 48 Size
  Description   - Need a filter press to filter carbon black from alkali solution. Minimum 24 plate maximum 48 plate. PP plates recommended. Hydraulic system is preferable....

  Ref Id :BM5605

usb  Capacity       1 MW
  Description   - Requirement of Used Steam Turbine
  • Capacity 1MW
  • Inlet Pressure 32 kg/cm²
  • Exhaust Steam Pressure 1.5kg/cm²
  • Inlet Steam Temperature 380°C
  • Exhaust...

  Ref Id :BM0620

usb  Capacity       50 to 60 Bales/Hr
  Description   - Looking for Corn silage baler machine capacity 50-60 bales per hour, bale weight 100 kg...

  Ref Id :BM3927

usb  Capacity       10000 Kg per Day
  Description   - Need crumb rubber machinery including tyre shredder and complete set up to manufacture 30 mesh tyre powder of daily 10000 kg capacity...

  Ref Id :BM3926

  Description   - Looking for following rubber processing machinery for upcoming project
  • Banbury Internal Mixer 40 Litres or higher
  • Kneader Line 40 Litres or higher
  • Mixing Mill 16 x 42 or...

  Ref Id :BM5305

usb  Capacity       250 TPD
  Description   - We are in need of one ball of capacity 250 tpd latest model with mixing plant also...

  Ref Id :BM5603

usb  Capacity       10 to 20 MW
  Description   - Coal Based Power Plant, 10 MW to 20 MW capacity require by a cement manufacturing plant...

  Ref Id :BM5604

usb  Capacity       7.5MW
  Description   - Looking for 7.5MW, Coal fired CFBC boiler power plant complete with turbine and electric distribution equipment...

  Ref Id :BM4411

usb  Capacity       100 TPD
  Description   - Looking for 100 tpd kraft paper mill, should be in working condition...

  Ref Id :BM5720

usb  Capacity       4 TPH
  Description   - Need 4tph steam boiler with 10.54 to 17.5kg working pressure....

  Ref Id :BM3925

usb  Capacity       5000 Tubes/Day
  Description   -
Required Automobile manufacturing unit with capacity of 5000 tube/day. Please send details of all machinery and equipment details..

  Ref Id :BM7130

usb  Capacity       6/8 colour-800/1000 mm width
  Description   - Interested in used rotogravure printing machine 6/8 colour-800/1000 mm width...

  Ref Id :BM7131

  Description   - I need 3/4 arm roto moulding machine for water tank manufacturer . i want to make 200 Ltr to 3000 Ltr capacity water tanks...

  Ref Id :BM0109

usb  Capacity       40 to 50 KL
  Description   - We want to buy used ms storage tank of capacity 40Kl-50kL litres to storage oil, in Nagpur....

  Ref Id :BM6713

  Description   - I am looking for mini horizontal flow wrap machine for chocolate packing purpose. chocolate size is 1 inch by 1 inch by 0.5 inch. also i require chocolate melting tank....

  Ref Id :BM6405

usb  Capacity       50 to 100 TPD
business  Land       With Land Building and Facilities
  Description   - Looking for outright purchase a complete plant of continuous type edible oil refinery having capacity from 50 to 100 TPD in Gujarat state preferable Kandla, Gandhidham....

  Ref Id :BM0703

  Description   - Looking for working condition Atta Chakki Plant - Wheat Flour Mill consisting cleaning and grinding unit of capacity around 1000 kg/hr. Contact us with full technical details....

  Ref Id :BM3940

usb  Capacity       Size 10 x24
  Description   - Looking for 10 x 24 rubber mixing mill...

  Ref Id :BM4410

  Description   - Require Head box machine of deckle 1.1 meter for kraft paper mill...

  Ref Id :BM7207

  Description   - We are using pulverizer of model 38 inch to get 300 and above mesh. Currently we are looking for Classifier compatible with our pulverizer of model 38 inch super for to get powder of 700 mesh and...

  Ref Id :BM4318

  Description   - Hi I am looking for rock n roll or bi-axial vertical water tank making machinery for capacity from 500 - 5000ltrs...

  Ref Id :BM4317

  Description   - Looking for HDPE Pipe Plant...

  Ref Id :BM0509

  Description   - Looking for single head milk pouch packing machine...

  Ref Id :BM0901

  Description   - Interested in Purchasing Hydrogen Cylinder - 500 Nos...

  Ref Id :BM3924

  Description   - We are setting up a Tyre plant. We need the following machinery:
  • Rubber Calendar-12X36 inch-- 1 No.
  • Tyre Bagomatic Curing Press-- 3 Nos.
  • Tyre Bead Machine-- 1...

  Ref Id :BM4316

  Description   - We are cotton and non woven bag manufacturers and exporters from Maharashtra. Currently we are planning to enter in PP woven sack manufacturing. Do you have any used plants for sale in India or...

  Ref Id :BM6802

  Description   - Looking for hydraulic cold press
  • Pressure - 50 M T
  • Board Size max - 2500 x 1300 mm
  • Max Opening - 1000 mm
  • Power - 3 H P
  • ...

  Ref Id :BM0108

  Description   - We are looking for following storage tanks:
  • SS304 or SS316 vertical cylindrical, capacity 15-18 KL, minimum 5 mm thickness.
  • MS vertical cylindrical, capacity 18-20 KL, minimum 8...

  Ref Id :BM6602

  Description   - We are a Virgin Coconut oil manufacturer. We are looking for used centrifuge machine for manufacturing Virgin Coconut oil from Coconut oil. We are preferring Alfa level centrifuge or other good model...

  Ref Id :BM6306

  Description   - Looking for 1250 KVA 1500 RPM 50 HZ diesel generating set, should be in perfect running condition....

  Ref Id :BM0107

  Description   - Storage tanks of approximate size.
  • 2.5 mtr. dia X 5 mtr ht. X 6.0 to 8.0 mm thickness.
  • 2.0 mtr. dia X 5 mtr ht. X 6.0 to 8.0 mm thickness.
  • Furnace oil tank 15000...

  Ref Id :BM106

  Description   - Require Air Receiver Tank in following specifications
  • Vertical Preferably
  • Capacity 20,000 Ltrs.
  • Pressure 7.5 Kg
  • Material Of Construction MS

  Ref Id :BM7209

  Description   - Looking for 42 inches size pulverizer only basic machine, without motor, cyclone etc....

  Ref Id :BM5719

  Description   - Looking for 2 to 3 ton capacity coal fired steam boiler, having pressure of 10.54 kg...

  Ref Id :BM6305

  Description   - Looking for good condition 125 KVA D G Set, preferably silent type...

  Ref Id :BM0701

  Description   - Looking for color sortex machine for rice...

  Ref Id :BM0508

  Description   - Looking for the entire machinery for the 5KL Capacity near Hyderabad...

  Ref Id :BM1204

  Description   - Looking for lab model 5 litres capacity coating pan...

  Ref Id :BM4315

  Description   - Looking for master batch manufacturing plant for PVC Pipe. Jobwork or spare capacity for manufacturing is also considered in Maharashtra State...

  Ref Id :BM6113

  Description   - Require shearing machine of specifications 6.5 foot and 2 mm cutting...

  Ref Id :BM5802

  Description   - Interested in purchasing 40 ton weigh bridge...

  Ref Id :BM6112

  Description   - Require Used Turret or Capstan lathe machine can hold 5-6 tools at a time and should be capable of completing one cycle of turning (inside and outside) and parting alternatively....

  Ref Id :BM7129

  Description   - looking for Namkeen pouch packing machine of range 30 grams to 500 grams...

  Ref Id :BM7128

  Description   - Looking following corrugation machine in size 120 inches
  • Pasting Machine
  • Slotting Machine
  • Rotary Machine
  • Two Colour Board Printer
  • Printer Slotter
  • ...

      Ref Id :BM0507

      Description   - Looking for 5 kl and 10 kl capacity each milk homogenizer machine...

      Ref Id :BM0618

      Description   - Wanted wire drums for wire drawing unit
  • 600 dimension KA 5 Blocks
  • 500 dimension KA 6 Blocks
  • ...

      Ref Id :BM7127

      Description   - Wanted Flexographic Machine having following specifications
  • Colour – One or Three Colours
  • Length – 54 inches
  • Width - 32 - 34 inches
  • Printing area length - 47...
  • line
      Ref Id :BM5718

      Description   - Looking for 3 to 4 tph capacity steam boiler, coal, wood fired, preferably of Thermax make...

      Ref Id :BM5602

      Description   - Looking for Triveni make back pressure 3 stage steam turbine with single reduction gear box, of following details
  • Maximum power - 2000 KW
  • Normal steam inlet Pressure - 42 ATA
  • ...
  • line
      Ref Id :BM7126

      Description   - Require 3 or 5 Ply fully automatic 1600mm size corrugation automatic plant not more than 5-6 years old...

      Ref Id :BM7125

      Description   - Require 42 size E flute type paper corrugation machine...

      Ref Id :BM6111

      Description   - Looking for shearing machine of 8 feet size to shear 2-3mm sheet, and also bending machine of 5 feet size...

      Ref Id :BM0617

      Description   - Require thermocol plant for making thermocol trey for spark plug packaging...

      Ref Id :BM5716

      Description   - Steam boiler of capacity 1 ton wood or coal fired horizontal package smoke tube 3 pass IBR boiler...

      Ref Id :BM7208

      Description   - Require good condition original Raymond make Mill for mineral grinding...

      Ref Id :BM3922

      Description   - Wanted 12 x 30 rubber mixing mill having chilled or MS roll...

      Ref Id :BM6801

      Description   - Wanted 8x4 size hot press, hydraulic type for plywood...

      Ref Id :BM6304

      Description   - Require 2 nos. 1000 KVA or higher capacity diesel generators in working condition...

      Ref Id :BM3920

      Description   - Looking for rubber kneader machine of capacity 35 to 55 litres capacity in good condition. It should not be old more than 4 years....

      Ref Id :BM7121

      Description   - We are planning to buy a second hand 52 inches courrugation machine. Please share full technical details, condition, etc....

      Ref Id :BM0616

      Description   - Require Furnace 2 nos
  • Immediately - Very small furnace capable of temperature till 1300-1400 D Celsius. Whatever smallest size available. Electrical or LDO
  • Later - an LDO fired furnace...
  • line
      Ref Id :BM3921

      Description   - Looking for 10 x 24 size rubber mixing mill...

      Ref Id :BM7122

      Description   - Used good condition VFFS machine for packing rice up to 1 kg packing....

      Ref Id :BM6109

      Description   - Looking for Vertical Machining Center of size 650x450x450mm...

      Ref Id :BM1203

      Description   - We want used HPLC systems....

      Ref Id :BM1301

      Description   - Used but in Good working Condition 1 No. 550 HP, 1440 RPM, 3 Phase, Slip Ring Induction Motor, IP-55, Insulation class - F, Duty - S1, Voltage - 420, 50 Hz...

      Ref Id :BM6711

      Description   - Horizontal Rectangular shape of size 900mm x 900mm x 1800 mm, working steam pressure 2 kgs, working temperature 135c , jacketed, double chamber of stainless steel material....

      Ref Id :BM7123

      Description   - Need good condition 52 inches E-Flute machine with self loading reel stand with all accessories & One auto cutter-54 inches...

      Ref Id :BM6712

      Description   - Looking for 2000 LPH capacity bottling line for Carbonated Soft Drink CSD and Ready to Serve RTS juice....

      Ref Id :BM7124

      Description   - Looking for pouch packing machine to pack cumin seed from 250 grams to 500 grams capacity...

      Ref Id :BM6110

      Description   - Require hydraulic thread rolling machine of capacity 30 Tonne with swivel head make pee vee or ORT make or any other imported...

      Ref Id :BM4409

      Description   - MG machine require of Dia - 3400-3500 MM Height - 14ft to 15Ft Bearing Centre - 4000-4100 MM Bulit - SS or CI...

      Ref Id :BM7120

      Description   - We are looking for a FFS pouch packing machine of capacity range from 15gm to 500 gm capacity to pack BLACK TEA both Granular and dust type...

      Ref Id :BM7206

      Description   - Looking for used and working condition ball mill of capacity 5 to 7 tph, to grind sand material 45 micron - 235 mesh size...

      Ref Id :BM0506

      Description   - Looking for 5000 litres capacity milk pasteurizer machine...

      Ref Id :BM5715

      Description   - 40 TPH capacity 42 kg working pressure, coal fired steam boiler require with or without cogen plant...

      Ref Id :BM5714

      Description   - Require coal or wood fired 1 ton Thermax, Forbes or equivalent make steam boiler...

      Ref Id :BM7205

      Description   - We are from ceramic design consultancy firm, we are looking for secondhand ball mills (for mixing clay,quartz, feldspar, dolomite, frit etc.) of following capacities. 3 ton 5 ton 8 ton...

      Ref Id :BM5713

      Description   -
      Technical Specification of Second hand AFBC boiler / Chain grate boiler firing bio mass/ coal
    Net Generation capacity of 20-35 TPH,dry saturated steam with 97% dryness fraction...

      Ref Id :BM7119

      Description   - we are looking for a 3 ply automatic plant less than 5 to 6 year old....

      Ref Id :BM4314

      Description   - We are in need of RPVC pipe plant twin screw capacity 160 kg/hr for 20 mm to 110 mm will be preferred if complete setup available like die, mould, sizer, extrusion line, hoper loader, hot and cold...